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Big-Win Jackpot Slots at BetMGM

Every time you play slots online, you’re guaranteed the thrill of stunning visuals and exciting game features, but when you play jackpot slots, you get a shot at unlocking major jackpot prizes that are in a league of their own. Here are a few more reasons why you should consider playing jackpot slots over regular casino slot games.

Jackpot slots vs regular slots

If you like to play online slots for real money, there are two main types of games that you need to know about: Jackpot slots and regular slots. A jackpot slot is also called “a progressive slot.” This is because the size of the prize keeps increasing every time a player makes a bet, with a percentage of their wager going towards the jackpot. Regular online slots have fixed prizes no matter how many people play, how much is wagered or how many times they are won.

Jackpot slots can offer sizzling-hot wins, sometimes in the millions of dollars. After a lucky winner walks away with their grand prize, the value of the jackpot returns to its default amount and starts to climb again as players continue to make their bets.

Here are two of the types of jackpots on offer at BetMGM when playing real-money slots in Canada:

Mega Jackpots

If you’re after colossal real-money prizes, show-stopping design and supersized action, BetMGM Mega Jackpot slots will get your heart racing, with five or more reels of fun and a shot at trying to net a mega fortune.

Mega Drop Slots

Play the best online slots in the BetMGM Mega Drop series and get a chance at hitting one of three progressive mega jackpots. Each jackpot keeps on climbing every time a player makes a wager on these thrilling online casino games – and all prizes have to “drop” before their jackpot values reach a certain level. The clock’s ticking! 

A whole new world of gambling

Thankfully BetMGM has more to offer than just the best online slots in Canada. You can also play live dealer, table games and regular slots at our online casino. Once you’ve registered an account, you can also try your luck with online sports betting or online poker. Yes, a single account will provide you with all the greatest gambling experiences you can find online at a single site!

Exciting bonuses and promotions

The time you spend at BetMGM can be even sweeter, thanks to the exciting bonuses and promotions we offer. Here’s a small taste of some of the great benefits we offer to our registered members:

  • BetMGM Rewards: When you register at BetMGM, you immediately become a part of the BetMGM Rewards This program is a tiered reward system where you earn points as you play, moving from the Sapphire tier, to Pearl, Gold and finally Platinum. Certain members will be rewarded for their loyalty by an exclusive invitation to the VIP Noir tier, with its own exclusive benefits. BetMGM members can earn a variety of benefits, including discounted stays at MGM Resorts, fast access to valets or taxis, and even a dedicated VIP host.
  • 100% Deposit Match Welcome Offer: When you make your first deposit at BetMGM, we’ll match up to 100% of your deposit (to a specified maximum amount.) This extra credit means even more fun and excitement!
  • BetMGM Grind Rewards: If you like to play online poker, you can convert Rewards Points that you earn as you wager into cash.

Our promotions page has many more benefits, so be sure to visit it regularly to learn more about our exciting bonuses.

Take your shot at big-time Jackpot Slots

Get in on all the jackpot action at BetMGM and take your shot at a chance to win huge real-money prizes. But that’s not all. When you register at our site, you get access to the latest new casino games and thrilling online casino table games – entertainment that’s fun, reliable and available when you want it. Sign up for the best online casino in Canada!